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Karasi is a platform dedicated to inspiring and uplifting Black, Indigenous and Womxn of Color (BIWoC). Since 2017, I have been creating visual affirmations and creative healing tools that bridge the gap between self-care, self-preservation and creativity.

Karasi began as an outlet for my healing journey and quickly became a space for womxn like me to feel inspired. I noticed the lack of representation for BIWoC in the inspiring art space and the self-care realm, so I decided to do my part to bridge the gap.

Karasi Logo on green

Karasi Logo

Logo Sketches

Early Logo Sketches

It was important to me for Karasi to have it's own identity that was seperate from me. The logomark and identity are inspired by the female form and nature. However, I made sure that the logomark and branding did not look overly feminine.

Color Scheme and Typography

Color Scheme and Typography

Envelope and Thank You Card

Package and Thank You Card

Website Redesign

When I designed Karasi's website in 2017, I did not expect much traffic. After some unexpected growth and an influx of visitors, I knew it was time to get more intentional about the design. Google Analytics and a customer survey revealed a few problems and insights.


  1. When users visited the site via mobile, there was no way to access the cart after adding items.
  2. Long load times.
  3. Inconsistent brand elements and look/feel.



  1. Address mobile responsiveness and shopping user flow
  2. Unify design elements and messaging
  3. Optimize imagery to decrease load times
  4. Organize content to make it more accessible and easy to navigate.
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Social Media Affirmations

The Karasi Instagram page is used to provide my followers with inspiration via illustrated affirmations and other content. I curate the feed and come up with the affirmations and accompanying visuals.

Self-Care Activity Zines

Karasi also provides accessible and affordable healing tools. One of my offerings is self-care activity zines. These zines provide an easy way for customers to incorporate creative self-care activites into their routine.