Angelica Marie Design



Senior Designer

Tools USED

InDesign, Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator 

I currently work on a specialized team at Aetna called Behavior Change Marketing. It is a test and learn environment where we use data science and behavioral economics principles to create marketing materials for Aetna members. Our goal is to encourage better health choices and an improved member experience. As a senior designer I work closely with the creative lead to take our learnings and come up with new concepts to test and create. I am then responsible for the creative execution from concept to finished piece.  

statin brochure

The goal of this campaign encourages members to talk with their doctor about the benefits of initiating statin treatments. The idea was that by taking this small step they could protect their health and be around for more of life’s best moments. We were required to include a lot of heavy information in this mailer so I decided to test out a new format where the trifold opened up to more panels. I also wanted to include photos that demonstrate some of life’s precious moments as well as the action we want the member to take. 

Emails and Direct Mailers

This campaign’s goal was to make members aware of educational webcasts that are included with their health plan. In our research we found that members were not reading the emails we sent prior so I thought adding an animated GIF at the top of the email may grab their attention. We also tested out including a magnet in one of the direct mailers which features a QR code to the webcasts. 

The goal of this campaign is to educate members about their rewards program and encourage them to complete their activities to earn rewards. We send a welcome mailer at the beginning of the year and reminders throughout the year that highlight each activity. For this introductory mailer, I wanted it to feel like a welcome packet so I went with a booklet-style mailer with a checklist that the member can use to track their activities.